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     Fernanda is a bright professional with exceptional skills in both music production and music business. Born in Brazil, music has been a part of her life since her teen years, eventually becoming known as a professional DJ and singer-songwriter. Once moving to the US, Fernanda attended the Los Angeles Recording School, from where she graduated at the top of her class with a double degree: Associate in music production and Bachelor in Entertainment Business.

     She immediately landed an internship with the producer group The Stereotypes. At their Beach Wave Sound studio, Fernanda had the first taste of working in the industry, interacting with A-listers such as Demi Lovato, Destiny Rogers, Camila Cabello, Madison Beer, and Bruno Mars. Eventually, she decided to strike out and joined Klef$ as both head of A&R and manager. A year after that, Fernanda went solo and she manages her artist Siale. With an eye for talent, an undeniable passion for music, and incredible work ethic, Fernanda is instrumental in developing artists’ brands, while pushing them toward reaching their fullest creative and commercial potential.

      Not only did she become a part of the music world, she then decided to branch out into video production and the fashion industry. Fernanda is a part of the LM Filmmakers team as a PA, providing assistance in music videos and film projects. After years working in the entertainment world, Fernanda realized the importance of branding and decided to show one last piece of herself: her fashion taste. In 2021, she founded Mar Bikinis, a swimwear store that goes beyond any other online store: she combines her production, music, and marketing knowledge all in one, while making the brand not only about bikinis but modeling, artistry, and great video content. It is safe to say that Fernanda thrives on the creative aspect of the entertainment industry, while staying focused on her own business goals.

"Fernanda is setting an example for not only younger music professionals but for females in the industry"

                                                             - BridgeMusicMagazine

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